• Greg Morris

Match Report V Combined Forces Rd1 - Sat 10th April 2021

Sat 10th of April 2021 will forever be etched in the memory bank.

The Hammerheads got to kick start their campaign after a loooong off-season of off field dramas with a very good win against Combined Forces. The boys started well and controlled majority of possession, but struggled to convert until left winger Josh Smith managed to blast away from 40m out to be the first try-scorer for the season and the mighty Hammerheads. Up 10-0 at half time the boys upped the ante and ran in another 4 tries to run away 34-0.

A lot of new faces in the squad who all stood up and said follow me.

Players Player Points:

3 - Youncle Phoenix

2- A Will (tied)

2- Blake (tied)

Highlights of the game:

  • After our Players Player shanked a gimmie right in front, Ol' Jezza pulled his shorts up to nail 2 conversions in the second half.

  • Walter Waltzing up the middle of the park after warming the pine.

  • Damo and Dai deciding there really is only one way forward.

  • Belting out our team song with the real words...."The Boys in Blue and White"

Boat Race Result:

Burraneer Hammerheads.

Special mention to the Forces. If they can keep the core of their squad as week in week out players, I can see them upsetting some teams. These boys are a good solid team to play against and we wish them well.

Coach Morry

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