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  • Greg Morris

Match Report & Highlights v Sealice Rd6 - Sat 22nd May 2021

The curse of the 79th minute.

We headlined the annual Surf Club Day at Forshaw Park against the Sealice. Over our brief rivalry there have been some absolute cracking games and this one was another for the books.

The boys were up for this one. Starting the game well defensively with the immense lice pressure, we managed to deny and work our way upfield to draw first blood. Again our defense was keeping the lice at bay with the trading of a penalty a piece went to the break at 10-3.

The message at HT was a simple one to just lift the intensity anther notch. We followed the advise and scored what may have been one of the tries of our season, however it went unconverted, bringing the score to 15-3. The boys were really fronting up time and time again. Some ill discipline lead to consecutive penalties and with that pressure conceded a try.

Here we go again and its "game on" with 5mins to go.

Our boys still kept at it but just couldn't seal the deal. Couple of kicks out on the full and bad handling kept giving the ball back and the lice ceased their chance down the blind to score 15 out and a kick to win to which they obliged. 17-15 FT.

Another classic in the books that we will need to learn from. The boys were hurting with the fact that we had done everything to win the game except win the bloody game. Lessons to be learnt and we will be better for the experience.

Players Player:

3 - Jason "Crackers" Moore

2 = Josh Smith 2= Jessie Fay


- Crackers just doing Crackers things

- Dom Folding their winger in front of the grandstand

- Jessie Fay with a wonderful finish from some great backs interplay

- Scrum was unreal in parts, such a wonderful part of the game when dominant.

Boat Race ..... Hammerheads

Coach Morry

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