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Match Report V Merrylands Rd3 - Sat 24th April 2021

The Hammerheads got to do something really special on Sat for Anzac Day. We were lucky enough to have our very own serviceman read The Ode and Steve Williams played The Last Post.

All in the presence of two elders from Merrylands who have served for this opportunity we all have today. As the game of soccer on the field beside us came to a standstill you could hear a pin drop it was truly something to behold.

We kicked off this battle massively understaffed with only 4 on the pine. Merrylands hit the front with an early penalty, before we responded with a good team try.

It was a battle of the big boys up front for the majority of the contest and the gaps were opening wide. Merrylands hit the front again with 20 to go, but the Hammerheads hammered there way up field and managed to score out wide for Liam "Mr Clutch" Fletcher to nail the conversion and the Hammerheads to hold a late surge to grab there second victory of the season.

We are still trying to form our game plan and are a little erratic at times, but nothing we can't fix. I feel Merrylands have a very solid side and will definitely be there abouts at the pointy end. Shame we couldn't host them at home, but we look forward to the return match.

Players Player Points:

3 - Jessie Fay

2 - Kahn Fay

1 - Ricky Hunter

Boat Race - Burraneer Hammerheads (undefeated)


-Anzac Tribute hands down won the day. It is something we have not been able to do in the past, but this is now our new path.

-Kahn cutting the 10 in half after a failed show and go. One of the biggest hits I've seen for a long time.

-Watching the Fay brothers run amok is something to behold

-Jono getting his first hit out with the Hammerheads and getting penalised within 2 mins for a late tackle on the 9. I feel he was hard done by, as in my 30 odd years in the game I never knew you aren't allowed to tackle a halfback late. Ive always thought he was fair game.

Next Week Jersey and Sponsors Day Vs Balmain 3:15 AR Hurst, Sylvania

Coach Morry

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