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Match Report & Highlights v Balmain Rd4 - Sat 1st May 2021

Another milestone day ticked off for the Hammerheads. We saw the unveiling of our new playing strip and played our first game at our new home ground, where we are graciously hosted by the Sylvania Bulldogs. These guys have gone above and beyond for us this year and we greatly appreciate their effort.

We had a large group of ex players (Burraneer Old Boys) hand out the jerseys and a very special guest speaker in Bill Goldthorpe before the game. It was real special and to be honest was my favourite part of the day. We asked the boys to show some pride and draw a line in the sand regarding our identity and the boys delivered in spades.

Thanks to Ariel Ngatokorua, who was also part of our winning Hammerheads netball team on the weekend, for the highlights reel.

Our first signs of understanding the game plan showed and if we build on this, good luck trying to stop this group of men.

Apart from a few handbags before HT and some ill discipline, the hammerheads were swimming. 12 tries to 1 gave us the win 78-5 with some absolute ripper tries.

It was the first time we have faced Balmain and they look to me to be a team rebuilding. There's some exciting talent in their side and if they can keep the core of those guys together there is gold at the end of the rainbow. The score was very flattering to us due to a few bits of brilliance, but we look forward to facing them again in Round 11.

Players Player:

3 - Liam Ryan

2 - Muli (equal)

2 - Jessie (equal)

Boat Race with guest appearance from Bruce - HAMMERHEADS #UNDEFEATED21


-Skipper skipping away to beat the fullback and then beat himself under the sticks. With the sun glistening off his head tape, looking like a baby giraffe he spilt his lollies with the line in reach.

-Walter doing his best Lomu impression before realising he's not Tom Brady

-Youncle Phe getting his Second Five yellow carded for a high shot two minutes before getting shown the cheese himself. (This is also a low point).

-Skills! Everyone in the squad had a chance to showcase what they bring to the squad and it was truly great to see.

Week off to refresh the batteries before taking on our old coach and his boys from Alexandria Dukes.

Coach Morry

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